Halon Management Strategies

At their 10th meeting held in Cairo from 23-24 November 1998, the Parties to the Montreal Protocol requested all countries to develop national or regional strategies for the management of halons, including emissions reduction and ultimate elimination of their use. These strategies should then be submitted to the UNEP Ozone Secretariat in Nairobi (developed countries were requested to do so by the end of July 2000). See below for Halon Management Strategies submitted to the Ozone Secretariat by Article 5 countries.

Issues to be focussed in National Halon Management Strategies

While preparing their strategies, the countries should consider issues such as:

  1. discouraging the use of halons in new installations and equipment;
  2. encouraging the use of halon substitutes and replacements acceptable from the standpoint of environment and health, taking into account their impact on the ozone layer, on climate change and any other global environmental issues;
  3. considering a target date for the complete decommissioning of non-critical halon installations and equipment, taking into account an assessment of the availability of halons for critical uses;
  4. promoting appropriate measures to ensure the environmentally safe and effective recovery, storage, management and destruction of halons.

Dissemination of Information and Outreach

The halon management strategies submitted by developed countries will soon be made available to the public through the UNEP Halon Technical Options Committee website, and strategies submitted by Article 5 countries are available through this site (see below). Those examples of what other countries have done could be useful for countries that have yet to develop their own strategies. Additionally, the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel is updating its assessment of the future need for halon for critical uses in light of the strategies.

Halon Management Strategies in Article 5 Countries

The following developing countries have submitted reports to the UNEP Ozone Secretariat in accordance with Decison X/7: Note: the files are in English unless otherwise noted. All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

The above information has kindly been provided by the UNEP Ozone Secretariat.

Role of Halon Banking and the Online Halon Trader

Halon banking in some form is expected to play a role in the strategies of most countries, as a way of re-deploying halons from non-essential and decommissioned uses to the remaining few essential uses. The Online Halon Trader supports national and regional halon management strategies through the international exchange of banked halons for essential uses. We encourage you to use the Online Halon Trader on a regular basis to help meet your halon needs.


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